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Secure Data Protection Services.

Cloud Storage Gateways, Cloud Portal Management, Secured Data Services and System Integration

IOFIRM's Secured Data Services - File Sync and Share. EndPoint Backup

Today, there are companies that provide on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments, on a paid subscription basis.

These companies all provide FREE CLOUD DATA STORAGE, to their Servers (locations unknown)  as well.

Transporting data to “The Cloud” can come with many hazards. Security and protection from today’s Malware and Ransom-Ware attacks are just two very big, hazards to consider.

IOFirm helps organizations with accessing, transporting and storing data securely to whichever Cloud Platform you subscribe to.

The IOFirm Technical Services Team helps our Customer / Subscribers, VAR’s and Managed Service Providers with many services that provide real value. Our Services include; Cloud Storage Gateways, Cloud Portal Management, Secured Data Services and System Integration.  IOFirm provides the engine between  your data and the cloud.

Our staff create and manage CTERA’s Cloud Storage Gateway Portal.  Designing and Pointing that Portal to whichever Cloud you are subscribing to. Our portal is cloud, neutral.

The IOFirm staff are experts in Secured Data Services. Our Secured Data Services also include: End Point Data Protection and Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS).  EFSS supports devices across your entire network, including your mobile devices. EFSS is private and is positioned behind your organization’s Firewall.

As a Dell Preferred Partner, our staff can provide Dell Servers, workstation and laptops. IOFirm will custom design them to meet your needs.  Should your needs require additional NAS Appliances for remote offices, IOFirm’s Integration Center, custom integrates CTERA’s NAS Appliances.  For mission critical enterprise storage applications, our staff are experienced experts that are relied upon, on a daily basis.

IOFirm can custom design a Secured Data Services Platform that ties our managed services to your “Technology Stack”. Our Secure Data Services will benefit your organization with secured, shared data. Free from today’s cyber threats  and providing ransomware protection and phishing attack protection.

Our Low-Key, here to help approach is valued by our many customer/subscribers.  Find our for yourself and give us a test drive!